ReadyPlayerMe Avatar -- Talking Animation (Morph Targets)

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This time I’m sharing a demo, a ReadyPlayerMe character, synchronizing the facial animation with previously generated audio using Morph Targets:

Live Demo
(Click or Tap on the BJS Logo to Start the Animation)

GitHub Code

The demo has some more details like animations and some interactions.

It’s important to download the ReadyPlayerMe models by applying the Morph Targets using GET:

Then from the code it can be accessed using the morphTargetManager:

const morphTarget1 = youMesh.morphTargetManager.getTarget(2);

To synchronize the animation with the audio I have used BABYLON.Analyser:

myAnalyser = new BABYLON.Analyser(scene);
myAnalyser.FFT_SIZE = 64;
myAnalyser.SMOOTHING = 0.07;
// Debug Analiser Canvas
// myAnalyser.drawDebugCanvas();

And once it detects that the audio is playing:

// RegisterBeforeRender Morph Target Mouth
scene.registerBeforeRender(function () {  
    var workingArray = myAnalyser.getByteFrequencyData();
    var jawValue = 0;

    if (talking) {
        // console.log("Frequency: " + workingArray[5] / 512);
        jawValue = workingArray[5] / 512 * morphMultiplier_1;

    scene.getMeshByName("Wolf3D_Head").morphTargetManager.getTarget(16).influence = jawValue*2;
    scene.getMeshByName("Wolf3D_Head").morphTargetManager.getTarget(34).influence = jawValue;
    scene.getMeshByName("Wolf3D_Teeth").morphTargetManager.getTarget(34).influence = jawValue;

Check the log for available MorphTargets


Also take a look at ReadyPlayerMe Animation Library on GitHub:

ReadyPlayerMe Animation Library

They are including very well configured animations.
To convert them to GLB in batch you can use this code


Hope it helps!


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Very well done @DRLeria! I’m sure that is an example that will help many.


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