Real-Time-Strategy with Babylon.js

Hey everyone.
As part of my thesis I had to create a case-based reasoning RTS game with babylon.js.
I’m no professional programmer, so it’s programmed rather poorly.
Since I had asked a lot of questions in this forum and I was always helped immediately I thought I could present the result. Maybe someone has a use of this or can extend it.

It’s a dynamic webproject and programmed with eclipse.
I stored it on dropbox as .zip and .war file (it’s the same, you just need to import one of these into your IDE)


  • This project creates a folder with some .csv files in your home directory (with which I could evaluate my work).
    To prevent this just direct to game.html and delete the lines 263 and 338 (or comment them out).

  • Don’t rename the project unless you find all the spots where you also have to change the name in the code for the programm to work. I worked with WebSockets which requires the project to be named “BabylonRTS”. I think you can change it in WebContent/js/websocket.js second line.

  • index.html launches the main menu on which you can start the game (game.html).
  • You can also start the game with game.html, but the AI won’t work then.
  • Gameplay instructions can be read in the main menu (english/german) or as .txt file (only german) in the project directory (WebContent).
  • The main menu shows also the options Player vs Player and Game Settings which are not implemented.
  • There are two kinds of AI: a hard coded stupid one and a cbr based less stupid but still stupid one. Red player is always the hard coded AI. Green player is either manually controlled or controlled by the cbr AI. You can switch from player mode to AI with leftControl.
  • Cbr is coded with myCBR. It only differenciates between a few cases. So it is no real case-based reasoning.
  • With space you can see the statistics.
  • Don’t be surprised: I left some unused code and files in the project.

Thanks a lot for sharing! Maybe you could leverage netlify and github to share it on the web directly?

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I added a link to github. Tbh i couldn’t see through netlify, it confused me.

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Hey, other options in the cloud hosting space:

They are confusing too, until test run.

Then I usually switch again! :grin:

:eagle: : )