Suggestion of book or tutorial or open source project to make a 3d RTS real time strategy game using babylon.js

I want to make an opensource 3d RTS real time strategy game using babylon.js like red alert 3 or tiberium wars or star craft 2. Can any one suggest me any book or tutorial or opensource project relevant to RTS game development using babylon.js?


Welcome to the community! I’d say the best place to get inspiration from other projects is the Demos and projects section on the forum. You can find a lot of amazing games there! :slight_smile:

Searching specifically for RTS on the forum also yields some nice results, such as RTS-Camera (WASD move, EQ rotate, mousewheel zoom, edge scroll) - Tutorials and tips - Babylon.js ( and RTS: Fog of War - Questions - Babylon.js (

I hope these resources help you get started and wish you luck in your development journey!


Thanks for your quick reply, I have seen your references. That was very helpful. But I was looking for more like a full tutorial series for RTS game development. I have bought 2 tutorial for game development with babylon.js from udemy. But that is not helping me very much for RTS game development. So I was looking for specially RTS game development focused tutorial series or book or blog series. I will be grateful if you can help me with that.

I haven’t seen one specifically for Babylon, but there are some for Unity Making a RTS game in Unity (C#). Table of contents | by Mina Pêcheux | C# Programming | Medium and you could adapt the ideas from there

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