Red face displays on the sun particle

Here is a demo in playground:

It demonstrates how to create a shining sun surface with particle system. It is expected to display like below:
But actully it appears with red color globally:

Anything incorrect about that?

It displays correctly in the playground! Where does it not display correctly?

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Oh, is it right? I saw it outght to be the same as the overview pictuture before entering the playground.
So, I considered if there is anytying wrong.

It displays correctly for me too, like in the first picture you posted, like on the PG link before you click it - on my MacBook and iPhone at least, on Chrome, FireFox, and Safari. :slight_smile:

Yes, I would check what goes wrong.

I Checked the trouble is that the texture pictures can not be pulled from:

Maybe here in China the url is masked by national security firewall.
Would you help me download it and send it to
Thanks a lots for your goodness.

Heya, can you right-click below and “save image as” to download it from the forum? I just copied and pasted the image onto this post. It’s hard to see because it’s a white image on white forum background, but should be below to right-click on it below :slight_smile:

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Hello @Dannis just checking in, was your question answered? :smiley: