Reduce texture moire further

Hello guys,

I am working on some fabric materials right now. To make them look as realistic as possible I want to use a hardware scaling level of 0.3-0.4 and a sharpen post process with an edge amount of 0.3. Some rougher fabric surfaces do very well with this settings but finer ones lead to moire.

I already set the texture sampling mode to nearest/linear & nearest mip. This gives the best results in my opinion.

In addition I added fxaa to the scene. This helps a lot.

Unfortunately the moire effect is still visible. Is it possible to get rid of it?


Well, I don’t think my answer will help you a lot but the moire comes from what’s also happening in real life and with the human eye. The smaller the repeated (and parallel) pattern viewed under a certain angle, the more moire you get. This is really nothing specific to BJS or even 3D. It happens all the time even in 2D artwork. Yes, there are some techniques such as AA or applying a displaced emissive texture or a displaced bump texture that can lower this effect (the same time it adds ‘blur’ or ‘dirt’ to the texture). But in essence, when a texture starts to moire, it is because it does. Make the texture bigger, reduce the parallel details in the texture, change the view angle. Nothing will make moire simply disappear because it is just ‘normal’.

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