Antialiasing, material

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I have a problem with antialiasing, but when I set it to true in the engine, it doesn’t help, also postprocess does not work “pipeline.samples = 4”, also and FXAA does not helped, and this engine.setHardwareScalingLevel(0.5); does not work :D… I have some texture like glass and this luck
sliced, but only that texture.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi and welcome to the Community,
As per the insert in your post, it would be best if you could provide with your playground example.
Easiest way for us to spot any issue and for you to get a fast and accurate answer for your question.

With that said, AA is for meshes/geometry (not for materials). I don’t know without a PG why your post processing pipeline would not work. For a start, you can copy the default PP from here.

From this template, which I can assure you does work, you can set MSAA to 8 samples, enable FXAA and play/test with DOF and stuff. There’s also other rendering pipelines, like SSAO, SSAO2 and other post-effects. Finally, regarding materials, for PBR materials only, there’s a process to smoothen them using specularAntialising (‘enableSpecularAntiAliasing’ and ‘forceIrradianceInFragment’). On PBR material, i.e. glass, you can also enable anisotropy. This can help a lot towards removing any moire artefacts.

Last but not least, the hardware scaling should not be used for this purpose. As it’s name suggests, hardware scaling is essentially made so to adapt the scene rendering to a specific hardware/medium scaling. Best is to keep with the default when you don’t know how and why you use it.

Hope this helps and meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses: