Reducing texture image size

For textures, I know you would use compressions like KTX2 for games, but since we are building for the web where file size matters, does it make sense to also compress the image using minifiers like tinypng before compressing it into a ktx format (assuming if this is possible)? Are there any benefits to doing this?

No benefits, only downsides.

  1. You don’t need to compress images before KTX compressing.
  2. You may choose a level of KTX compression.
  3. Tinypng and other minifiers are lossy formats, so these losses will be much more noticeable after KTX compression.
  4. Just use KTX, it is enough.

Here are some initial recommendations - 3D-Formats-Guidelines/ at main · KhronosGroup/3D-Formats-Guidelines · GitHub