Reflection probe's cubeTexture doesn't respect right-handed system

I’m facing a problem where having scene.useRightHandedSystem = true seems to cause my reflection probe’s cubeTexture to be flipped horizontally (or flipped alphas?) in comparison to the actual positions of elements in the scene.
Here’s a PG illustrating it :
Is this a bug or is there a value I’m unaware of that should be set accordingly on the reflection probe?

adding @sebavan

Looks like a bug to me :frowning:

Actually it looks like it is working as the scene is inverted ?



The only one with an issue might be the SkyMaterial where the sun position is still at the same place ???

This reflection angle doesn’t look right to me (updated PG to make it more drastic, angle difference wasn’t obvious in previous version), but maybe I’m misunderstanding something?

It’s indeed a misalignment of the light’s specular reflection with the SkyMaterial’s sun that got me thinking it was a bug. I added a test box in the PG specifically to test if this happened just on the SkyMaterial’s side or rather the probe’s side.

Ohhh yes relaunching it shows me the same as you see which is wrong !!! so weird there is definitely smthg I am not getting here :frowning:

Ok, do I might have a solution, I ll try to push a fix in the next couple hours… Handedness is definitely hard…

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PR done should be in the next nightly

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FYI : I don’t know if this can affect the solution you implemented, but after working on some alternative materials (using a pre-nightly build) I observed that the behavior is different when using a PBR reflection vs Standard Material reflection (I hadn’t compared that, my bad!). Anyhow here’s the updated PG showing it :

@sebavan, It looks like I’m still facing this situation when working with standard materials in a project and now I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Did the solution ever make it through a merge? Else it appears the cubeTexture’s inversion is still occurring in 5.0.0 (see sphere highlighted in red in the playground above).

The solution has been merged and works correctly for PBR, I ll push a fix for standardMaterial soon.

PR has been done the PG will work in the next nightly.

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