ReflectionTexture roughness on imported model

Hello again!

I’m trying to get a reflection on an imported models material by creating a probe in the scene and overriding the reflectionTexture on the model. It seems to work, but one odd thing I noticed is that the roughness and metallic sliders don’t really seem to do what they are meant to. The rougness doesn’t “blur” at all and rather just changes the color slightly of the material.

I don’t really know why or how to fix it, and if it’s a potential bug even, maybe I’m doing something wrong :smile:


(Note, rotate the camera to look underneath the plane to see the reflection)


What do you expect? There’s nothing to blur in this material, there’s no albedoTexture.
It certainly won’t blur the reflection. The metallic ‘roughness’ applies to the material/texture, not to the reflection. It will apply to the reflection only through the texture applied to this material. Since there’s not texture… And the fact that it changes color/intensity when changing the levels, simply shows that it’s working :wink:

Edit: Apologies, I have just quickly tried to fix this but it seems something is just not entirely correct here…Sadly, I have something else right now. Hopefully someone else could have a look at it meanwhile. @sebavan @Evgeni_Popov may be?

I don’t really understand where you are coming from. Why wouldn’t it blur the reflection? As I see, it does it just fine on one of your example PGS:

Yes, it does. I thought it wouldn’t (again apologies). But this one is not with a probe but from pre-filtered data, reason why I edited my post after just a very quick check, saying ‘something might not be correct’…
Hopefully, we’ll soon find out what is… stay tuned.

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Ah alright, I must have misunderstood then :smiley: Staying tuned

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The “blur” is only possible with a prefiltered environment which is not the case with a probe. In this case, you need to use realTimeFiltering on the PBR Material.

More info can be found here: Real time PBR filtering is coming to Babylon | by Babylon.js | Medium
Reflection Probes | Babylon.js Documentation

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Good to know. Thx for the info. I knew there must be a reason alike, just couldn’t find it. On the other hand, I don’t have your skills and XP :wink: At least, not yet. Working :construction_worker_man: on it.

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Thanks a ton, got it all working now! Good to know as well that the prefiltered environment has some extra functionality.

Leaving a solution PG here for others who stumpled upon the same confusion as I did:

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Glad to see that and thanks for the PG which is certainly helpful (for me and others :smiley:
Again, apologies for my initial answer. A bit too rushy and may be inappropriate.
Well, at least you got your answer and the result is good (I can confirm).
GL with your project, Cheers,