Remake of Super Tux in 3D [in progress]

I’m making the super tux game in 3d with babylonjs, with properly arcade 3d engine.
You can see a little demo here:

NOTE: clear the cache of your browser to see the latest version of the demo.

  • AWSD to move
  • space to jump

For now we have:
[at 04/10/2020]

  • Basic enemy movement
  • Collect coins (the rotating cubes)
  • Question blocks (I don’t remeber of put this on the demo)
  • voxel level

[at 10/03/2021]

  • made some heavy optimizations
  • now with wall jump

The project contributors:

  • cpusam (Samuel Leonardo, it’s me!)

Nice, hope you keep working on this.

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Yep, I’m still working, a little slow because of my free time.

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After some troubles, we come back again!
Now, is just me that is making the project.

See in the link of the first post the updates.

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