Remix3D Questions


Informed by a friend (@labris) today, that Remix3D is “retiring”.

Since Remix3D uses BABYLON (to my understanding)…

I wish to appropriately express my grief and concern for the Remix3D “transition”.


“With the retirement of the site, we hope to streamline our offerings in this space and provide you with a more cohesive experience.”


“We appreciate your patronage of our service and your patience during this transition.”


REASONABLE~QUESTIONS for @Deltakosh and team:

  • What is the “transition” destination?

  • What are the “streamlined services”?

  • Is BabylonJS part (or not a part) of this “transition”?

  • All in all, what’s going on?

Thanks much!

:eagle: : )

No more info :frowning:
But not related to Babylon.js. The engine was used by Remix but not linked to it :slight_smile:

This is sad for Remix3D though as I liked the service a lot

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Thanks DK.