Render to texture and post process

Let us consider this basic demo of the default PG scene.

How can I render the scene in a texture and then attach the texture to a quad.
Ultimately I want to add a postprocessing effect on it and can have multiple post-processing stages.
I have done similar work in OpenGL , but need help in the babylon js framework.

Please guide me.

Did you check the postprocessing documentation ?

You can add a PP quite easily without the hurdle to manage render target

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Thanks @Cedric . This helps.

@Cedric actually I need to render the scene multiple times into different textures through offscreen render, and then combine the textures and do post-processing (custom).

Can you share some materials on this line.

Here is a quick example that render the default playground scene in a texture and use it as an emissive texture for a plane.
You can render the scene in different textures and then mix them using a custom shader or using NME.