Rendering a Few Interactive Web Pages in Babylon

Hi, I have recently been looking at babylon to display some web pages in VR. I have come across this example and edited it a bit:

I am wondering if someone with experience could provide an example of:
-Making it possible to interact with the page (scroll, click, etc, right now it is as if it is static)
-Establish a second copy of the page nearby (have 2 “dashboards” of different webpages side by side)


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Hello and welcome to the Babylon community!

Interactions are usually covered by the Cameras | Babylon.js Documentation (, Actions | Babylon.js Documentation (, Observables | Babylon.js Documentation ( documentations. Having multiple scenes is related to MultiViews Part 1 | Babylon.js Documentation (, MultiViews Part 2 | Babylon.js Documentation ( XR is covered by WebXR | Babylon.js Documentation (

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I think you need to read this though the answer may disappoint you.

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