Resizing? - Default Loading Screen

I’d like to change the default loading screen image with a bigger one but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t resize on the height.

Do I need to add something else?
Just ctrl+R many times and resize the window

I think here is where I should be looking but I don’t really understand how to edit that?

// Resize
private _resizeLoadingUI = () => {
var canvasRect = this._renderingCanvas.getBoundingClientRect();
var canvasPositioning = window.getComputedStyle(this._renderingCanvas).position;
if (!this._loadingDiv) {
} = (canvasPositioning === “fixed”) ? “fixed” : “absolute”; = canvasRect.left + “px”; = + “px”; = canvasRect.width + “px”; = canvasRect.height + “px”;

Adding @RaananW


not sure what exactly you are trying to achieve, but it is centered correctly if you set max height and width (so that they will fit in the canvas):

glTF Loader Demo | Babylon.js Playground


Yes, that’s exactly what I was missing. Working as expected now, thank you so much.

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