Resizing Texutres

Hi, I have a problem, I have a 2000x2000 texture as in the picture
and I would like after starting the model the texture overlapped like a red area, and when i resize model height++ texture should not scale up but showup from background, anyone know how do it?

Your texture here isn’t a 2000px² but a 625*931px. Also don’t forget that using power of two texture sizes is a great practice.

As for your question I’m not sure I’ve understand quite well your needs. You want be able to scale your mesh, but not your texture scale?

If so, try to figure a math relation between mesh.scaling (scaleInPlace can help) and texture.uScale/vScale.

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Extending on @Vinc3r’s comments in this PG lines 12, 13 and 33, 34 show you one way to play with these scales.