Texture quality on scaling

When I scale a mesh (through mesh.scaling), the texture quality decreases. When the scale is set initially:

A Laje de Santos em Realidade Virtual(2)

When it’s initially another value and altered to the same value above but during execution:

A Laje de Santos em Realidade Virtual(3)

Any suggestions? I guess this might be related to the mipmap level not being changed? I tried material.markDirty() but no change.

whoooot this sounds really strange, would you have a playground repro so that I could take a look ?

As we usually say a playground example for us to play with makes it a lot easier to answer questions.

Could you use this Babylon.js Playground to illustrate your issue?

Ok, this only happens when OceanPostProcess is used and with version 4.1.0. You can see the bug happening here: Laje de Santos em Realidade Virtual (resize the browser window to see). Exact same code is at Babylon.js Playground but using 4.0.3 it does not reproduce.

I don’t have the problem you describe for Laje de Santos em Realidade Virtual, the picture is always ok.

So not a simple texture problem but related to OceanPostProcess and your previous thread Alpha doesn't seem to work correctly with postprocess in 4.1.0

Looking with Spector it is because you are not resizing the render targets when resizing the window:

It always use the original size so as to stretch a lot.

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Using FF73.0.1 and re-sizing window to < 0.5 of full size the blurring of the island becomes noticeable, the smaller it goes the more blurred it gets. In some ways I would expect this in real life. However switching FF to responsive mode in portrait also make the island blurred, not as bad in landscape.

Got the answer in while I was responding, you rock :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I didn’t resize enough to see the problem!

Thanks, I get it!

But this is related to any PostProcess effect then. I couldn’t find anything in the docs that allows one to change the width/height after the constructor PostProcess - Babylon.js Documentation. Am I missing something or is there no way to do it currently?