Resolving GLTF/GLB validation errors?

Hi folks.
When i load some GLBs that i’ve extracted from various sources (unity / fbxes), I see a number of GLTF validation errors. The errors don’t seem to be impacting anything - but it makes me nervous to see so many errors in the GLTF report. I’m assuming that most of these are from features that Babylon doesn’t support? But is there any way to clean a file - to remove all the errors? (128.2 KB)


These errors aren’t from unsupported features, rather, the files itself aren’t very well constructed - as you can see, they have objects that aren’t used - and these errors will show up on any gltf validator. As for cleaning them up, I’m pretty sure it’s possible unless the geometry is really badly set up, but you’d have to get into the file and check all the geometries :thinking:

Do you know of any “GLTF Cleaner” that just runs through - fixes the errors and then re-outputs, without manual effort? Like an HTML Validator/Cleaner?

I havent’ found one on search, but thought I’d ask.

You may try - this is the best tool at the moment. Some functions are also available online here -
While it may not remove all the warnings, it helps a lot with removing unneeded geometry and other stuff.
Some of Sketchfab models can be reduced more than 10 times in size.