Right-handed VS Left-handed

It’s been a while I’ve been wondering. I can’t help but notice the amount of questions strictly related to this. It affects all from meshes to textures mapping to cameras or animations. And it seems like the information in the doc is kind of ‘scattered’ in each topic (when existing). Unless, I didn’t find it?

And it looks like the team and the ‘superusers’ like myself spend quite some time answering one-by-one all of the questions/issues related to just that.

So, may be it would make sense to create a section in the doc just around that particular topic, what do yours think? Of course, it’s a bit of work but next we could simply orientate the users to read this section.

A simple suggestion of course. In case, I’m willing to participate if needed. But as I’m not an english native and not the best specialist with code, someone else (someone from the team ideally) would take the lead?…

Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:


cc @PirateJC and @PatrickRyan but it sounds like a nice topic to dive in.

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@mawa I like the idea. I think it could be a helpful doc indeed.

@PatrickRyan let’s add this to our ongoing doc improvement list!