Room complex illumination

Hi, what is the best way for manages a complex illumination?
I have to create a room with dozens of lights, the room remain static after the inizializzation of some meshs.
The only possible way is to use the lightmaps?
There is a way for create the lightmaps with Babylon?

@CraigFeldspar is working on some baking tools but for now I would recommend doing the baking on a doc tools

How many lights are we talking about?

I have to use about 50 spotlights.

I had try to freeze shadows and resfresh the ShadowMap after the meshs inizialization, but when i set the maxSimultaneousLights of the walls material to more than 10 lights i get the error:
BJS - [15:23:29]: Unable to compile effect

Each lights are using some GPU buffer resources and you don’t have that many.

See ERROR: Too many uniform interface blocks in vertex shader (18 exceeds max 16)

hi, I found a possible solution, by dividing the wall and the floor into parts, i can create sub areas with a single light.
For optimization i freezing the shadows.

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