Rotate camera around model doesn't work

Hello :wave:
I am writing a program in which I display a model of an apartment and after clicking on the button I can switch between one and the other 3d model. Until today, everything worked perfectly. However, today I noticed that if I load two 3D objects, I can only rotate the camera of one of them - the other remains motionless.

Link for fast writing demo: Babylon.js sample code (click button Verja1 and Verja2 and try rotate camera)

If i have 6 3d models and i switch between them using button the models are change but i can rotate only one. I suspect maybe there is a bug in some recent Babylon update? I think so because in several projects I have the same mechanism and in every rotation it suddenly broke :expressionless:

What’s more interesting in my studies, in my engineering work I use an analogous mechanism, today the mechanism does not work and tomorrow at 5 pm I have a presentation of my work :confused:

A couple of suggestions.
If its a recent update problem then use the previous version of Babylon.js

Repo the problem in the playground.

I have the same problem. ArcRotateCamera has stopped working. Another update. Once the keyboard doesn’t work - some update earlier, the second time the camera stoped movements. What about take a vacation and preferring to do nothing.

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The only updates are to the preview version currently 5.0. version 4.2 is stable.