Why does scaling change when using rotating gizmos

I have a question, why does scaling change when using rotating gizmos, or why are they not independent of each other, and under what circumstances does this happen. Here is a screenshot of me in Sandbox.

The scaling doesn’t change from the gizmo. It comes from the root node created to transform right-handed to left-handed coordinates. In general, when working a bjs scene (left-handed), I would advise to remove this root node and eventually parent to new. Else, use the right-handed system coordinates.


Thank you for your reply. How do I know if certain nodes will experience such transformations, or is it possible for me to disable such transformations :grinning:

Imported .glb and .gltf objects generate a transformNode as a root with the name of " _root_"
If you have this, you can select this root node and from the inspector, you will see that it has a rotation of Math.PI on the Y-Axis and a negative scaling on the Z-Axis. These are the right-to-left -handed coordinates transformation.


I understand. Thank you for your reply!