RotationGizmo.xGizmo.isEnabled() is not a function


as the doc said i can use isEnabled() to get or set the axe, but as you can see in the console of the following PG the function is not recognized :

that’s all :slight_smile:

isEnabled is not a function. it is a getter/setter (or an accessor), which means you need to set isEnabled = true if you want to enable it (or false if you don’t. That’s also what your reproduction shows as well :slight_smile:

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The accessor icon is showing clearly in the API. I believe there’s nothing wrong here. Apart from these icons being just very small (it’s ez to ignore them, isn’t it? :wink:

Edit: Just an idea, what about coloring them ? It would avoid confusion.

oh sh*t, it’s a method… even if i checked multiple times the doc… i’m stupid, really sorry for that :sweat_smile:, so everything is fine, just a mistake from me