Running Playground, editor, inspector Locally Apache2

Just trying to get the editor, playground and inspector working on apache2. Got the files in the server directory but it just hangs there.

Well we need more info to help :slight_smile:

what do you need?

Repro, error message, f12 network status. Everything that can help us helping you

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As for Playground:
lines 43-44 of index.html
<!-- Monaco -->
<script src="node_modules/monaco-editor/min/vs/loader.js"></script>


Well did you read the error? You have a 404 :slight_smile:
Monaco is not installed, you have to run npm install in the palyground folder

Seems that you need to add Node.js to your Apache server (how to do it, for example, is described here Apache and Node.js on the Same Server - Stack Overflow
and run necessary npm commands as written here (at least install all modules necessary for Playground).

oh I didnn’t know you needed node.js for it to work I was thinking it was missing some modules but yeah thanks I’ll give that a shot

So I’m kinda confused on how to implement the node.js framework into the babylon master files like where would I put them?

You do not need node.js but you need to run npm install in the playground folder to get the node_modules folder filled with PG dependencies

Alright so npm install got the playground working, but now im trying to get the editor working and if I do npm i i get

Well I don’t know :slight_smile: This is maybe an issue with your node version?