Scaling bug using gizmo manager

I have already posted this as a question but I think this is a more appropriate place.
When scaling a mesh using GizmoManager center point(to scale on all axis equally) it does not scale on all axis uniformly. When I try to scale, x axis scales faster and the y and z axis stop scaling after 2.04. I have to scale y and z axis individually.
If you scale any sphere in this example the shape of the sphere does not remain the same.

Pinging @Cedric the Gizmo master for help.

Hi @Hamid_Nawaz

I’m not sure to understand.
In this PG : sphere scaling | Babylon.js Playground (

When the sphere is scaled uniformly (top corner resize box), the scaling values are the same on all 3 axis. What did I miss?

Hi @Cedric
In your playground why are you commenting line 12: sphere.scaling.x = 2
I have attached a screenshot of the issue. In the screenshot I only scaled using the center point but still the mesh gets deformed.

Scaling is relative. If initial scaling on X is 2, then a scale of 1.5 will make the sphere’s scaling to be (3,1.5,1.5).

I changed the PG, and only scaled with the center point but didn’t see anything wrong:

sphere scaling | Babylon.js Playground (

Yes that is what I was expecting to happen but in the playground you shared if I scale from center point when x reaches 3 the values of y and z are 1.20.

Screenshot attached.

My bad, I was not on the right version. I can repro the issue! I’m investigating.

Thank you.

PR is live Scale gizmo & physics debug view fix by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #10411 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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@Cedric Thank you so much.