Scene antialising or upscale issue in Firefox

I have a little scene with a 3D character. It appears to look in Firefox a little bit “blocky” as if it’s upscaled or the antialising is not working. No matter if on mobile or desktop.
Is this supposed to be like this or can I set a property to turn “antialising on” for firefox?




Regarding this post: - An interactive 360° storybook for kids

Hi Flo. Quick idea… when you constructed BJS engine, did you set antialias flag = true?

Worth a try… to set it true. Stay tuned for more/better comments.

Good point from @Wingnut

Other idea: Make sure the canvas size is the one you expect by using f12 debug tools

Thanks for the replies! I’ll test it :slight_smile:

@Wingnut I checked the antialising property, but this looked correct :slight_smile:
var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true);

@Deltakosh The canvas size is adjusted on browser resize. Should be good, right?

But in firefox console I found this:

I did some research:

I tested it on several devices: PC, iMac, Android. Can’t imagine that every graphics card is blacklisted. So I disabled the blacklisting in firefox by hand in the firefox settings:


Didn’t help either :thinking: Any ideas?

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Yeah, I got one more. :slight_smile:

In Firefox about:config…
…do you see a “pref” there… called gl.ignore-dx-interop2-blacklist ?

I have no idea what that does (I need to web-search it)… but you could try setting that to true (by double-clicking on the ‘false’ beside that entry).

It’s just a guess… one more thing to try.

Also, nice job on the investigation info you provided in your last post. Well done. We’ll be thinking about this… carefully. It is important to us.

Could you please give us your EXACT firefox version number… including the ‘esr’ part, if you are on the Extended Support Release “branch”. I am. I currently run 60.8.0esr (32-bit). I think the ‘esr’ means that you/I/we are not on the Firefox ‘Quantum’ branch. I took the esr branch… because Quantum branch killed my ad-blockers, but esr doesn’t. That was a long time ago (at first Quantum release time), and the ad-blockers are now probably updated to work on Quantum branch, too.

Sidenote: FF Quantum needs its extensions/plugins coded in a different way than before, so many of the well-established extensions/plugins… didn’t work when Quantum was released. One plugin I use ALWAYS… is the “hide tab bar when only one tab open”… because, in my opinion, Firefox is/was trying to “ram” tabbed-browsing down our throats. To be frank, I hate tabs. With tabbed-browsing, ALT-tab (and Windowsbutton-tab) no longer works to switch FF windows… because all the browser windows are in the same app… a single tabbed-browsing FF. SO, it was what? Control-tab to switch tab-windows, after that? NO THANKS. (left thumb needs to reach too far beneath left palm, to reach control key). My fingers are already well addicted to the alt-tab movement. :slight_smile: I win. Firefox’s railroading toward tabbed-browsing… loses. heh

Back on this AA issue, I’m not sure about anything. I would love to see a BJS playground demo where the anti-aliases are failing, and to see those two errors you listed… happen on MY Firefox… easier for me/others to do tests. I am currently reading about “Live reload enabled.” line/feature… learning what it is and looking for clues, there. Also reading about FXAA and MSAA… trying to get educated. When browsing firefox’s about:config URL/page, search for MSAA, as well. IT returns a couple of interestingly-named options/prefs, too. hmm.

Let’s welcome comments from EVERYONE… see who knows what. Stay tuned, and keep reporting discoveries… thx!

thanks @Wingnut
I’ll built a playground for this. :slight_smile:

A list of devices where I tested antialiasing:

iMac, firefox: 68.0.2, Darwin 17.7.0
mobile, firefox 68.1.1, android 8
mobile, firefox 68.1.1, andoird 10
Antialiasing did not work
(Could not checked the console on error messages except on iMac)

macboob-Air, firefox 69.0.1, darwin 16.7.0
Antialiasing works - No error in console
but framerate is very low, while on the same machine on chrome it works

PC, firefox 68.0, Windows_NT 6.1
Everything works, no error message

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