- An interactive 360° storybook for kids

Hey guys, today I want to share our project with you:
(hint: you can interact with the character)

Somewhere is a story about the “Fear of the Unknown” featuring our little snow character called Unrund.

We are a couple of students from Filmuniversity Babelsberg – learning Babylon.js and make an interactive 360° storybook for kids.

We already have a prototype with skeletal animations, sounds and interactions. With a working animatic we’re about to start animating the scenes. I hope I can share more progress in future.

We are still looking for support from the programming side. You could for example help us by learning with us, programming a little feature or be in a more kind of babylon consultant for us, if you have more experience with the framework. We are using git - so no need to be in Berlin(GER). Every kind of help is welcome! In case you are interested in collaborating with us, we’re happy the share more info with you and can offer a small sum.

Please write or pm me :slight_smile:

:pray: A big thank you to this awesome community for so many helping minds!
:muscle: And of course, the ‘jedi council’ for maintaining the framework!



wonderful , ask any help and ping me in shader stuff
and that is art :slight_smile:


Nice face expression :slight_smile:

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This looks stunningly cool! Can;t wait to read/ live it :smiley:

Please let us know when we can see more!!

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I love the design, you’ve already done a nice job. Fun to see how Unrund react when we tickling him (her?)