Scene doesn't load on iOS

Hi. I have a simple scene, which works fine everywhere but it doesn’t load on IOS. Now I know that that’s a somewhat known issue. But is there anyway or somekind of rules that are needed to be followed to make this work on IOS?

here is a scene

Code is pretty simple, it’s just SceneLoader loading the scene from .babylon file format.

Hi. I’m affraid you have to debug it step by step.
What I can say from what I saw in your scene, you need touch-action: none; in css for renderCanvas id and inline for the same div (but this I think is not related to loading issue)
A possible issue can be the size of texture which is used in the scene. Try to make its size power of 2 like 1024x1024.
I don;t know what else. Hope this help you a little. Cheers!

Yes. Those were my thoughts also. And with lowering the size of the textures, scene now CAN load on iOS. Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

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Just to confirm if anyone ever runs into same issue. Reducing textures to 1k and one 1k only (actually in some cases they can be 2k but rarely). will make app work on iOS. Confirmed on 3 different apps.

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