iPhone 8 or lower performances and compatibility

Hello everyone!
I’m currently having some issues with iPhone models prior to iPhone X. I have a babylon scene which is 29.3MB (6000 Edges, 2500 Faces and around 4900 triangles), i’ve got like 110 objects in it (most of them are planes so they shouldn’t be tough to render) and in the blend file there are 35 textures. As long as i don’t attach the room textures (walls and floor with cc,orm and normal) it works on every device till iPhone 6, but as i attach the room textures it cuts out apple devices until iPhone X (basically it keeps refreshing the page when the model loading is over and after a couple refresh it says “a problem repeatedly occured on http…”)
My Question is: is this a size problem, poly count problem or there is a limited number of objects/textures iOs can support?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Note: On Desktop and on Android Devices everything is fine

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iOs and the web… This is definitely strange and a repro could help a lot here. I doubt you are doing anything wrong but double check just to be sure that you did not enable webgl2 preview there ?

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Yes, i already had disabled WebGL2 since is an experimental feature on older iOs devices and firmwares. From the code i also set the performances to low power, and also the high precision float is set to false in order to lower the performances even more…