scene.enableDepthRenderer defaults to half float even if system supports full float


Not sure if bug or intended behaviour.
I was expecting that if the system support float rendering (32bit), scene.enableDepthRenderer(...) will create a depthRender with a depth map that is a 32bit float texture.

It seems to default to half float (16bit) even if it’s possible to render to float (32bit).

check console in playground

Source code for enableDepthRenderer: Babylon.js/depthRendererSceneComponent.ts at efcd60d556d7792d32d186a95103281df81f0eae · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub
here it checks half float render support before full float render support, and the target becomes 16bit when it could be 32bit. Is this intended?

Docs are a bit vague regarding if it will default to 16bit or 32bit.

Note: By default, generated texture uses float components thanks to WebGL OES_texture_float extension . If this extension is not supported, Babylon.js reverts back to byte component which means less precision for depth values.

pinging @Evgeni_Popov

It’s not a bug, 16 bits float are prioritized over 32 bits float to save some texture resources.

But adding a parameter to force 32 bits float is easy to add, here’s the PR:

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Thanks for the quick response and action.

I think this added flexibility is great! You all rock :+1: