Transparency model rendering depth problem
this is my PG, I have a problem with rendering depth,

I useful to the engine (setDepthBuffer), and mesh. Material. NeedDepthPrePass = true, but they seem doesn’t work, I suspect the camera rendering order problems, but SPS seem to favor example, so that someone can help me have a look

I used the DefaultRenderingPipeline in the scene, which provided 8x anti-aliasing, but why did it still have no effect in the scene

You can increase the resolution with scene.getEngine().setHardwareScalingLevel(0.5):

  • I’ve set it up, but it doesn’t work, right

Will you help me??
I have created a new topic before, how to achieve the effect of shader in the model, and I have been looking for more people’s ideas and help to complete the effect together.
With their help, I made three different effects, but it was far from what I wanted, so I want your help!I will be very grateful!:狞笑: