SceneLoader.Append() with .babylon file not loading lights or textures

Hello! I created a simple html file for testing the loading of a scene using the sample .babylon file found at the bottom here: FileFormat Map (.babylon) - Babylon.js Documentation

I stored the text into a file called test.babylon. When I call BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("", “test.babylon”, scene) in my createScene function, the meshes and animations from the file are created, but the textures, lighting, and camera are not. What could be causing this?

Here is the code:

Here is the error message I get:

hum. can you try to repro in the playground?

your code looks good at first sight

Welcome to the forums!

I created a PG with your repro here: Babylon.js Playground.

@Deltakosh, it looks like there is possibly a bug. The refreshBoundingBox is returning early without calculating the bounding box.

Thank you for creating the playground! I was trying to host the file using github but was running into problems.

That PG output looks like my machine, although the PG has more errors in the console than my code does.

Your file seems to be really old (really really :slight_smile: ) and contains informations that have changed since then. Could you try to reexport it ?

Are you referring to the .babylon file? I just saved the text from the documentation page I mentioned and put it in my project directory, so I’m not sure what you mean by reexport.

w000t it either requires a doc update or I completely miss smthg in the code :frowning: let me confirm with @Deltakosh

Ok so it has been removed by design, I ll update the doc ASAP thanks for reporting it

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Thanks for the quick responses! Will babylon files continue to be supported? My team is working on a project and we think they’ll be extremely useful for what we want to do.

Of course. It is the native file format:)

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Great, thank you!