Screen space decal (Deffered decal)

Hello, I need to create deferred decal (or screen space decal) because I need projecting decal to complicated surface without stretching.

I already create box that following mesh’s face. but after, how to get collision(face?) area?

here’s playgound

Please help ;(


Hey @deadcat,

While I’m not sure if this will help, you may be able to rig up something using the DynamicTexture and Image objects. You can find more on DynamicTextures here. I hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply!
but I want using decal because I will make decal seletable but dynamic texture is not :frowning:

Thank you

Unfortunately deferred decals do not work with a forward rendered like babylon.js. It only works with deferred engines

Maybe you can have a look at how we build the decals to see if you can tweak it to adapt to your needs?

That is sad news I’ll check the source code thanks!