Serialize PostProccess?

Is there a way to save and load Post Process and the Uniform bindings? Kinda like a Node Material can just save and load.

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I kinda have a solution, but its bad cause its uses eval…

But I think I should be able to do the same things as what I did with the ShaderMaterial here:

Because the shader itself needed some functions to happen before the mesh would work in it which is kinda the same as a post process and the uniform bindings.

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I don’t think this is supported right now. @Deltakosh or @sebavan can confirm, but they are both out of office right now and will be back next week.

Ill just do the eval solution for now, thanks!

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Yep probably the best option now

I guess if I do an editor that controls what is being injected, that could be technically doable with just the evals.