NME RenderStyle Blocks

NME RenderStyle Blocks,

So I was thinking about here soon adding some blocks that would have all the inputs for the standard material and PBR material (both modes). So three new blocks.

In these blocks all the calculations for the standard material, PBR mat, etc would all be input options with the only output being a color that you can then feed to the FragmentOutput.

Kinda trying to think along the lines of Unitys Node editor. Where you can feed just direct textures or process to the channels that comprise that shader.

Is this something that should wait for the CustomNodes? I personally think a lot of users would love to see it more like this:

I’m specifically talking bout the endpoint node, I think it would be cool to leave the Fragment out exposed and have to link ours though. That way you could technically combine different PBR shaders and toon shaders and all that good stuff on one model without having to have a bajillion nodes.

I’m not for having them out of the box. I was more thinking about building them with custom nodes. But anyhow, how do you plan to create them? Std and PBR materials are monsters

but but but, im a monster…

No problem it just takes a little patience! If you can read it you can convert it I always say…

anyways if I pull it off will you consider them?

Well if they are reusing the same code (so no code duplication): yes!