Set category for NME custom blocks?

Heya, can we add a “category” property to custom blocks that determines which category it’s shown under in the NME block menu (ie the left-side menu)?

That way they could be better organized and fit right in with the existing blocks… And could still default to using the “Custom Blocks” category for custom blocks that don’t have that property. :slight_smile:

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That’s a cool idea :smiley: I think it would be good to still have some way to differentiate between built in and custom blocks but that could easily be done with a symbol or different colors :slight_smile: @PatrickRyan thoughts?


@Blake and @carolhmj, I think this would be a good add for the custom nodes. I would expect to place the key/value right after name in the sample at Node Material Editor Custom Blocks.This seems like the most obvious place for it when we update the example on this page.