Custom node block as shader extension / reference

Hey there! I was interested if it was possible to have a custom node block that works as more of an extension instead of just a block of code that can be re used in different shaders.

Example: I have a number of shaders they can all use a custom node block to create an effect which is great. but if I need to update that effect, currently I need to make the change and then go into every shader to replace that block / re hook everything up etc. I’d like to just be able to update that custom node and all the shaders that reference it, also updated.

Hello! Are you using NME or creating the material through code?

Hi Carol :wave:, i’m using the NME.

Thanks for the clarification! Unfortunately that’s not possible right now in NME, but I agree it would be pretty useful, we can open an issue so we can plan development for it :slight_smile:

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