Setting setHardwareScalingLevel breaks GUI button on HDP / Retina displays

Hi !

I’ve been having issues with my UI when setting the hardwarescalinglevel to 1 / window.devicePixelRatio to properly support devices with HDPI & Retina displays.

The button only works when the hardwarscalinglevel is set to 1.

You can see the issue here (on mobile, not desktop) :

The issue disappears when not using hardwarescalinglevel :

Am i doing something wrong here ?

Upping the post, it’s a blocking issue for releasing a new version of our project this week and we still did not find a solution :pray:

pinging @msDestiny14

It’s likely that you can actually see this issue on desktop as well with a 4k monitor, i.e.
I had this just a few days ago (but the other way round). I had left this in my desktop version while making tests on mobile. Obviously, if you force the device pixel ratio to 1 and the ratio is in fact 0.5 or 0.25, your GUI will simply not be visible, yes?

Hey @Tom_Krikorian , does this solve the issue?

Test UI Minsar | Babylon.js Playground (