Shade generation, custom frame to function

I have been playing with custom frames, specially in a way to functionally break my code up into reusable parts. Bludy brilliant feature so by the way.

Here is a example

In this example I have three circles, each being a custom frame.
Would it not make sense to treat custom frames as functions when generating the shader?
This would clean up the generated code rather nicely.

Or, is there a performance hit with functions?
I saw that in one of the shader videos the presenter was talking about if statements having some performance issues and so using step as a if statement would perform better.

Is functions also problematic or can one treat custom frames like functions?

Nope functions are fine. We are not trying to have a clear output to be honest. the shader is not meant to be read (not the primary goal of NME )

But I totally get your point still :slight_smile: