Blender: Export models with shaders

How to export models in Blender with its material and shaders?

I have this seamless tiling material in Blender but I want to simplify the process so I don’t have to bake the texture but instead just export the material and model from Blender to Babylon.

That way there is no need for the image to be so large and everything is produced by the material.

As specified in the Blender to Babylon page: Blender to Babylon.js exporter | Babylon.js Documentation (, when you export to the .babylon format and there are procedural textures, they’ll be automatically baked:

In general, when exporting a model with procedural textures, it is better to bake them, as most formats don’t offer support for that: export - How can I pack procedural textures into a .gltf file? - Blender Stack Exchange