Shader Material setArray3 and setArray2 seem to not work

These functions do not seem to actually set anything.
Maybe I am doing it wrong, but when I do a setColor3Array
with a value of [color, color, color], things work and the xyz values are set.
On the contrary if I use setArray3 or setArray2 with values of [vector, vector, vector] the JS object shows the correct values the shader dose not actually get set.

I am wondering why that is? I see that the color three does this:
this._colors3Arrays[name] = value.reduce((arr, color) => {
color.toArray(arr, arr.length);
return arr;
}, []);

which the other array setters do not, but it seems even passing [[val,val],[val,val]] to like the setArray2 still does not work.

Maybe a bug?

setArray2 and setArray3 expect an array of numbers, not an array of vectors. Is that the issue?

That is prolly it, but I thought I tried that as well… let me make sure I am not tripping, but I specifically remember trying [number. number, number ] for a set vec3Array and it still did not work. Don’t quote me on that ill double check when I get a chance.

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