Shadow darkness darker than 0?


I am looking for a way to have shadows even darker than what the current darkness shadow attribute currently allows. If we try to set the darkness below 0, it stays the same. But I need it to be darker sometimes.
I don’t see anything in the documentation to do that so I was wondering if one of you may have a solution?

Thanks, Pichou

you would not be able to going darker the 0. basically light is multiplied by this factor so 0 means no light which is impossible to go under.

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you would probably need to rely on NME and custom shaders to simulate it

Actually you can use value below 0 by directly accessing the _darkness property of the shadow generator (setting darkness will clamp the value between 0 and 1):

Use this at your own risk :wink:

Yup the at your own risk one is the scary one lol :slight_smile: