Strengthen shadow strength without higher light intensity


is there a way to strengthen a shadows strength, like it would be if you could go negative values in the darkness slider. Right now I’m setting the intensity of a corresponding light really high to get that effect. I then have to lower the impact of the light on my materials by adjusting the specular and direct levels on the affected materials, so this doesn’t seem like the correct way for me.

I don’t really understand how you can have lower value than when shadow=0 because in that case, when in shadow, the light does not contribute at all to the final color of the pixel. If the final color is not full black it means other lights are affecting this pixel, so maybe you should lower the intensity of those lights instead? You can also exclude the mesh receiving the shadows from one or more lights.

There’s a way to do what you want, though, even if a bit hacky: set shadowGenerator._darkness = value instead of shadowGenerator.darkness = value with value a negative value. The setter of darkness is clamping the value between 0 and 1 whereas setting directly _darkness will make the shadow generator use the value “as is”.

Now that I’m reading it it makes total sense, it probably was the environmental light that impacted my shadows a lot. But the _darkness value is exactly what I need! It might not be realistic but just looks better! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: