Shadow not showing in PG

Shadows are not showing in the scene and there are no errors coming from the console. The lighting and shadowing are set up according to the docs but my scene is not displaying any shadows. Can someone take a quick look at this and see where my issue is? I am trying to make the objects cast a shadow on the wall. The wall is labeled with a note btw.
Thank you

Btw what appears to be a shadow is in the scene is actually an object imported in representing a shadow. The light should be casting shadows on the wall

The result.meshes[0] is __root__, it is more a transformNode than a mesh, so setting the receiveShadows of the it won’t work. You should do that to all the meshes except the root mesh.


could you show that in the pg? I understand now I shouldn’t target the root but what exactly would I target


thank you, I would have never guessed that was the problem