ShadowGenerator useBlurExponentialShadowMap option crash in macOS High Sierra

Our application uses Shadow option - useBlurExponentialShadowMap.
My macOS High Sierra clients encountered rendering failure. I notice crash while generating shadow. The help documentation’s playground sample is also failing. In the PG, if useBlurExponentialShadowMap is set to false, rendering is successful in this mac.

Browser: Chrome Version 94.0.4606.71
macOS: High Sierra
I’ve attached the failure screenshot that shows the console crashes.


@Cedric could you have a look ?

Unfortunately, I’m on Big Sur and have no more macOS High Sierra.
Tested on my mac, just in case, and it works.

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Same here :frowning: maybe @PolygonalSun ??? or @Deltakosh if you did not update your mac :slight_smile:

Sorry @sebavan, I’m using Big Sur as well and it works for me.

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@anand471 could you share the full error message log ? just in case we can spot smthg

Here’s the log from macOS High Sierra

Ohhhh you got it here Error: Too many varyings

Basically, the kernel blur is trying to rely on too many out variables, the only trick I can see there would be to reduce the size of the blur to fit withing the limits.

@Deltakosh can yo think of any other tricks ?

Well, See if this is of any help
In Chrome - High Sierra, GL.getParameter(GL.MAX_VARYING_VECTORS) returns 32

We are using 32 exactly which should work as we are reading those caps to figure how many we can do.

You can try before running your app setting engine.getCaps().maxVaryingVectors = 16; Change the number until it works to figure how many you can actually do :slight_smile:

I tried engine.getCaps().maxVaryingVectors = 16 & it works!
It works for engine.getCaps().maxVaryingVectors = 30; but fails when I set it to 32.

@anand471 now you understand our daily pain… How can we expect this :slight_smile: browsers says 32 but reality check = 30


lol yeah this is the way :smiley:


Ya! Painful & frustrating! Any way, Thanks for your help.
And time to tell my High Sierra users…“Hey, better upgrade or no shadows for you !”

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