Shadows with Node Materials


I’m learning about the nodes materials, and I noticed that the shadows on my ground disappear when I set up the node material.
I tried to add a standard material to see if they were still invisible, but with it, they work fine.

Does this depend on the fact that the shadows should be set inside the node editor, or is the material perceived so transparent that the shadows are not visible?

In the playground, I commented the code that assign the material to the diamonds so it can be switched easily…

Thank you!

As you connected something to the alpha input of the FragmentOutput block, the material is considered as transparent. By default, the shadow generator does not handle transparent objects. You should set sg.transparencyShadow = true for that to work:

Ooohhh, now I see!
I actually double checked the node material but for some reason I missed the fact I set it as transparent.
It will actually change as slowly I’ll build the diamond mat, so this was just a placeholder mat…

Look ho i stop myself with nothing!

Thank you!