Sharepoint babylon defualt view

Hello everyone!

i’m having some sort of problem with babylon default view - for some reason it shows my model much darker compared to the original one.

if i take the same glb model and drop it to the original sandbox.babylon then the model looks far better - less dark and the transparent material more precise.

is there a way to setup the lighting setting in the default sandbox on SharePoint

here is an example comparing both of them.

I don’t think there’s a way to change Sharepoint’s defaults but you may be able to brighten it up by adding lights to the model. I’m not sure if Sharepoint will pull them in, though. It may just ignore them.

Also note that Sharepoint is using an older version of Babylon. That may be causing some of the differences you’re seeing between and Sharepoint.

@dized3 could you share the model so we can look into it to confirm the assumptions ?