SharePoint 3D model preview

Hi all.

I have a problem with 3D models preview in SharePoint. All I can see is grey background(please see the image below). Thank for any ideas how to fix it

Hi Selzar,

Welcome to Babylon! This is the first time I’ve seen this problem, but I do repro it. Just to be 100% sure, can you confirm that it’s not a problem with your specific model by drag-and-drop viewing your model in the Babylon Sandbox? Also, can you check what errors you have in the console output of your SharePoint window?

On my side, when I tried with a GLB of my own (which loads perfectly in the Sandbox), I got this:

I’m now asking around to find out who’s the right person to contact about this; I’ll follow up as I learn more.

Pinging @RabidDawg.

We’re on it!


That’s from the breaking change in chrome 97 that added a requirement to specify highp in sampler2DShadow. Fixing it was the purpose of the 4.2.1 patch.


I have this and much more errors in the console

Hi Jeremy

I am still learning stuff around programming etc and to be honest I have no idea how to “install” 4.2.1 patch to make it work in Chrome browser, would you mind pointing me out, please. Thank you

i think that’s impossible to answer without knowledge of your environment

It is Windows 10. Chrome browser is used to access SharePoint document library. What else you need to know? Thank you.

@jeremy-coleman I don’t think this is in a dev environment; this is coming from SharePoint’s deployment, which uses Babylon, so that’s what needs to be updated. I don’t think Selzar has any control over this.

@Selzar, we’ve spoken to some folks on the SharePoint team and they’re actively working on it, so hopefully this’ll be resolved very soon!

@syntheticmagus just checking, was this fixed by the SharePoint team?

It seems to be working now