Model lighting/appearance in SharePoint

I am trying to use SharePoint to share 3D models of rock samples for educational purposes. The models are created in 3DF Zephyr and exported as .glb files. SharePoint is inconsistent in how it displays the models, but generally it tends to over brighten them. This is how one model looks in SharePoint:

Whereas it should look more like it does in the sandbox:

From reading other posts here in the forum, I gather that SharePoint uses an older version of babylon.js. Does that entirely account for the difference in how models are displayed?

I have done some testing by opening these models in Blender and adding lighting and scaling the object up/down, but there was no effect on how they appear in SharePoint.

Sadly, due to regulations at work, I can only share these models through SharePoint and the way they’re appearing right now isn’t useful.

The lighting setup is different not the rendering per se.

Think about looking an object in a dark room or near the sea, the object will look kind of different and this is what happens here, the lighting conditions are different.