Shed Builder Project

Hello Guys, another project that i would share with u!
it’s called “Shed Builder” it has a lot of features and flexibility to build your shed in a visualized way.,shed structure is built with custom meshes

here’s a video that shows project features

for live demo

I used both react and Babylonjs

Awesome work and love how there’s sooo many options indeed!

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@PirateJC what do u think ?

Another fantastic one @Karim_Mohammed! Ok to add to the website?

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Sure, thanks :grinning::grinning:

Added. Should be live in a few minutes!

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Awesome job!

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@Karim_Mohammed I am new to Babylon and a developer not a 3D artist. I am curious were you able to create this using assets (meshes, textures, materials, etc.) directly available in Babylon or did you have to import assets created externally? I ask because I am working on a similar project for corrugated metal buildings and am wondering if I am going to have to purchase assets as I am not skilled in the area of creating them.

Hello @MattS
in this project i used two kinds of meshes
1- custom meshes like (shed walls , columns and standard roof ) and I used this to enhance the performance and speedup the tool essacpicly it was Suitable to draw vic code easily and get good quality using it
2- 3d models like (metalRoof,porch,doors and windows ) cuz it’s very hard to do as custom meshes and even if u won’t get the same quality
so in this project I used both but this was based on my product business perhaps u have different one
please let me know If u have any other questions or u need any help

I have question regarding .mtl file

should .mtl file create manually or it is system generated.

if it is created manually can you please suggest how to create this file

as per reference of this :MTL OBJ materials file
each individual charter have there own meaning.

Being an adept of using the old obj format, I would advise to create your mats in BJS. There are many restrictions to the import of materials in .mtl format and I (personally) find it easier to just create my mats in BJS (or from substance) and next assign these mats to my obj meshes. That is of course, if you are using just BJS. I might have a different approach for vue or react.


Currently I am using BabylonJs in angular 11 application.

I want to know about how to using to loop through material texture specific conditions.

Sorry, I have no expertise with Angular. All I know is that the mtl materials when loaded in BJS have a wide range of unsupported parameters. Not sure who is a specialist of working with mtl, bjs and angular.
I’m afraid I cannot really help here. Hope someone else will kick in shortly. Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

Edit: To make things faster, I can advise you would create a new topic in the question category with a comprehensive title, i.e. “Setting-up and loading .mtl materials with Angular for BJS”. It’s likely you will get faster and more accurate answers by doing this.