Shed Builder Project

Hello Guys, another project that i would share with u!
it’s called “Shed Builder” it has a lot of features and flexibility to build your shed in a visualized way.,shed structure is built with custom meshes

here’s a video that shows project features

for live demo

I used both react and Babylonjs

Awesome work and love how there’s sooo many options indeed!

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@PirateJC what do u think ?

Another fantastic one @Karim_Mohammed! Ok to add to the website?

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Sure, thanks :grinning::grinning:

Added. Should be live in a few minutes!

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Awesome job!

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@Karim_Mohammed I am new to Babylon and a developer not a 3D artist. I am curious were you able to create this using assets (meshes, textures, materials, etc.) directly available in Babylon or did you have to import assets created externally? I ask because I am working on a similar project for corrugated metal buildings and am wondering if I am going to have to purchase assets as I am not skilled in the area of creating them.

Hello @MattS
in this project i used two kinds of meshes
1- custom meshes like (shed walls , columns and standard roof ) and I used this to enhance the performance and speedup the tool essacpicly it was Suitable to draw vic code easily and get good quality using it
2- 3d models like (metalRoof,porch,doors and windows ) cuz it’s very hard to do as custom meshes and even if u won’t get the same quality
so in this project I used both but this was based on my product business perhaps u have different one
please let me know If u have any other questions or u need any help