Using custom meshes for wooden shelf configutaion demo

My last job introduced me to Babylonjs, and it was lot’s of fun. But since there was a pretty narrow feature set for the app we were building, i didn’t get to work with a lot of the features this library has. So for my new company i started to develop some demos to make myself more familiar with Babylonjs. This one turned out pretty neat imho. It’s a wooden shelf that you can configure and the model is updated live. Uses custom meshes to be able to update measurements without getting the details or textures distorted as simple rescaling would. Code is rough and inconsistently documented, it’s just a small demo after all.

Controls are all in German, but once you try them out it should be pretty obvious what they do.

Btw. as someone with little experience in 3D i found the documentation helpful as always, but could be a bit more detailed on how vertecies, indexes and normals play together. If you’re interested i could expand the docu a bit as long as the memory about what tripped me up are still fresh in my mind.


Wonderful minimalistic 3D configurator!
I am sure that such applications will have more and more demand.
So if you have the wish to improve the docs - go ahead, this information will help a lot in future.

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Agree this is super cool!